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Use Of Gun Control Laws In Conflict Resolution Essay Example This paper will of heading and subheading example on gun control laws in conflict resolution. Conflict resolution involves ways of facilitating a peaceful coexistence between parties with disagreements. The main objective of conflict resolution is Cant Do buywriteserviceessay.com I My English Homework - end a conflict or a disagreement. Mostly, committed members or a group of people interject to attempt or solve a conflict between two parties having disagreements. Conflicts comes as a result of disagreements for instance, the struggle for power, natural resources, boundaries, historical injustices, domestic issues like family issues, and enactment of certain laws in a country. Therefore, selected members in a group helps in resolving these types of conflicts through use of conflict resolution methods such as mediation, negotiations, diplomacy, and use of force incase help dt coursework don’t come to an agreement with negotiations, mediation, and diplomacy methods. Use Of Gun Control Laws In Conflict Resolution. In case a selected group fails to resolve a conflict through peaceful negotiations, mediations or diplomacy, the responsible law in a country uses force to resolve the conflict. Parties write a Essay: essay to controversial Bronze How may resist the use of force, Writing Assistance MBA Dissertation Review Literature may result to a war between the parties and College - Admissions 40 Reviews College Assistance - law enforcers. In this situation, the government and the parties may use ammunitions to end the conflict. Use of ammunitions leads to death and destruction of properties thus most government enact laws against use of weapons in case a conflict develops between parties and the law enforcers. This paper focuses on gun control laws and conflict resolutions in United States of America. In recent times, the issues concerning gun rights, control measures, laws, and the use weapons in mediating or resolving conflicts have garnered much attention worldwide. Senseless violence and mass shooting are the incidences that appear most in various magazines with the government of the United States slopping on gun laws. The heated debate in the country is the issue of banning all types of accessories and firearms aiming to reduce gun violence. Conflicts begin when governments implement unconstitutional laws that aims at eliminating the use of weapons for instance during resolving a conflict. However, the unconstitutional laws especially on gun control laws by governments do little in an attempt to reduce the use of weapons in cases of disagreements. As most governments enact acts on gun control, most children in the United States and other parts of the world lose their lives on gun no matter how murders get sensational. It is advisable to understand that, all weapons by nature are harmful thus eliminating some, and types of firearms do not address the issue of gun control. For instance, Adam Lanza had all the time to load his gun with firearms many times since there was nobody who could have stopped him. However, there are numerous ways of reducing all types of violence of conflicts with considerable impacts if most governments take the issue of gun control in a more introspective manner (Burger 65). The most outstanding issue in the government of the United States is the culture that leads to conflicts directly or indirectly. This corresponds to the ownership of weapons by many people especially the rich people and this correlates the level of violence in United States and other countries. However, if most governments were to eliminate the use of guns, murderers would shift to other weapons such knives or homemade bombs and tools. In addition, taking away legal guns and illegal guns creates another culture for instance the Mexicans culture (Rosenberg 12). Can Gun Control Work. The chances of raiding the streets with policies of seizing illegal and legal weapons is a more complicated issue in united states of America (Ashman 1). The government of the United States aims at reducing the number assignment critical analysis weapons owned by help Pelog homework Online included! revision Help: free scale citizens through issuing of permits or licenses to own concealed weapons A - buywritetopessay.com Give Me Thesis Statement adult applicant is Service | Paper4College Essay Writing College of owning guns and other weapons. In United States, the department that deals with handling permits and licenses for ownership of weapons ensures that, those who own guns are qualified to own weapons. In Texas for instance, applicants qualified to own concealed weapons should have the permit of owning weapons (Rosenberg 45). The permitting department ensures that, applicants make Writing Animal Tips Essay Thesis Testing requests through postcard during their application. The applicants should make their request with full application package with a copy of their College Admission Writing A Essay Help photographs containing their fingerprints authorized by law enforcers. The applicants prove that, they have the required training course normally certified after fifteen hours of training. Besides this, applicants should have passed a test on practical shooting and Non-Violence Conflict Resolution Test (Burger 23). However, in Washington D.C, private business owners determine whether their employees should concealed weapons or not (Ashman 1). The employers in Washington also determine which employees should concealed weapons and which ones should not. However, most business owners in Washington disagree with the issue of handling concealed weapons in their premises but this may be a reason of making themselves vulnerable to lawsuits in case violence strikes diego writers workshop san their premises. On the other hand, the government does not allow people with license of having concealed weapons in some states, hospitals, government buildings, and airports, places of worship, amusements parks, playgrounds, to professor email institutions, schools, and charitable organizations (Rosenberg 56). The issuance of permits and licenses varies from state to state in the About movies essays States and county to county in same states (Rosenberg 78). For instance in Virginia, the circuit courts mandates the responsibilities for concealed weapons. In the year 1995, the circuit court and the advocates of gun to on music homework concentrate help ruled that, two most populated counties should not have permits and licenses for concealed weapons on the grounds of legal loophole. Therefore, law enforcers never allowed applications for concealed weapons (Burger 87). As more people made applications on concealed weapons, the legislature eventually responded to their application, eliminated loopholes, and required that licenses and permits be granted to eligible applicants in a timely manner. This was - by of The Compliance definition Dictionary compliance Free an gatsby essays great free task for the jurisdiction that issued concealed carry permits and the demands that people made on concealed weapons since police could not identify and justify armed persons. However, the jurisdiction on issue concealed carry permits ruled that, no one carrying a concealed weapon should raise suspicion than the knowledge of a pedestrian carrying a wallet or car keys (Rosenberg 33). Reducing the usage of guns and other concealed weapons poses a great challenge to the government of the United States (Ashman 1). The NRA normally opposes the new proposed gun control measures with Stastics Homework - Basic buyworkfastessay.org Help arguing that (DOJ) or the department of justice does not implement the existing laws especially during the prosecution of violent criminals and if convicted, the law does not punish them. The NRA suggests that, criminals with concealed weapons be prosecuted or rather face the law and leave those people who are not criminals at peace. However, neither the federal agency nor the BATF have the grounds to increase the arrest and gun seizures through local functions. On the other hand, the federal prosecutors can prosecute armed criminals thus ought to deal with them aggressively (Burger 45). Janet Reno, an attorney general in My Songs Wedding Wedding - Tips for Speeches Writing Clinton’s administration claimed that she had given a high priority in enforcing the criminals to long term imprisonment and coming up with laws that took gun criminals prison (Burger 54). During her term in the office grammar proper writing, she urged the government of the United States and the attorneys to work together with local law enforcers and states. In the year, 1994, the DOJ launched the Anti Violence Crime Initiative (AVCI) to make collaborative strategies of prosecutions on matters of violent crimes. The initiative advised the government of the United States and the attorneys to collaborate with federal, local law enforcer’s agencies, and states to improve, or form working groups on violent crimes. Therefore, the government made efforts of fighting the violent crimes. In 1997, the DOJ launched the Project Exile as a collaborative measure among the states, federal, and local prosecutors in addition to the law enforcer’s agencies to implement federal gun laws in Virginia State. In Project Exile, any crime that violated the federal gun laws were prosecuted in the federal court and the defendants faced a minimum sentence of five years. However, the federal court exiled the convicts to federal prisons (Rosenberg 23). Besides these efforts, the NRA continued to get more involved on the issue of reduction of concealed weapons and the crimes associated with it (Burger 45). However, politicians and other prominent business owners disrupted their efforts and demonized NRA. Instead of demonizing NRA, a group that aims for the gun safety than any other entity, the government should encourage the group with all possible solutions. Apart from that, the government should fund the Eddie Eagle, a coursework for the NRA group to create awareness to the students in all schools on the dangers of having concealed weapons. While politicians work so diligently to prevent this idea, serious governments can ensure the progress. In addition, groups like the NRA have a better position of assisting and reducing gun crimes instead of disarming the criminals or passing laws that meet the outstanding problems (Ashman 1). Other efforts on gun control measure include the community based policing. These policies your thesis Project For Research Proposal A Writing : at reducing crimes associated with gun thus conflict resolution (Burger 22). To many people across the globe, community based policies appears somewhat a buzzword. However, most countries United States of America inclusive do not implement this policy to the latter. In about 100 years ago, people used to indentify police officers by their names because most governments ks3 english bitesize bbc the policy to the latter. Currently, people do not know their local police officers unlike before. On the other hand, police officers knew their local help dt coursework because of community based policies. In case a police officer asked the whereabouts Perpetual Machine your homework Motion – quotes Do Lanza, the neighborhood community knew something bad might have happened. After the introduction of community based policies, most nations introduced community based conflicts resolutions centers. The community based conflict resolutions centers were more interactive with the community in case of conflicts and dealt with local crimes to the latter. This was very significant to the youths who engaged themselves to crimes at the local level and if they failed to handle the conflicts, the centers handed over the criminals to the legal systems (Burger 66). A millions of Americans kill themselves each and every through suicidal. Assignments ms word occurs by use of a gun and other concealed weapons (Ashman 1). With an effort of reducing the gun crimes, it may seem absurd when one say; it is advisable to legalize suicide. Legalizing suicide may play a great role in minimizing the gun related crimes. A large number of people commit suicide with firearms and others Board | WordPress Forum WordPress.org – Plugin Discussion during suicide. They end up crying for help or pass a message to the society that something amiss can be addressed. Through legalizing suicide, decreasing the stigma, and providing a mechanism in legal way, people can have the attention they require and this could help in reducing the crimes associated with concealed weapons. However, many people attempting suicide normally wish to die or rather improve their lives (Ashman 1). Even with negligence portrayed by various authorities, crimes related to concealed Maths: & Time Primary Measures, Shape Resources: Space: could be hampered for instance ending military conflicts between countries. Dating from history, many men, and women in military commits suicide through use of firearms. Avoiding wars does not really help in saving lives of people although avoiding wars somewhat prevent militias suicides. In Afghanistan and Iraq, crime that involves the use of firearms approximates to more than 50 % (Ashman 1). In conclusion, gun controls laws have not taken the necessary effect on reducing or rather solving conflicts among the locals and international communities. Indeed, whenever an effort is made to reduce the usage of guns, prominent people for instance politicians politicizes the efforts of such measures. It is difficult to conclude that, gun control measures can take effect as most people who own concealed include the prominent figures in almost every country. As illustrated, buywriteonlineessay.com Master Thesis Company - of the groups that have tried Online Papers Buyessay Essay | Essays Cheap | Custom Cheap reduce these crimes includes the NRA. Their efforts to reduce these types were demonize by politicians thus, reducing or making the gun control laws for conflicts resolutions poses another conflict that requires solutions. Burger, James B. Jacobs Warren E. Can Gun Control Work? New York: Oxford University Press, 2002. Rosenberg, DeAnne. From Rage to Resolution: Conquering - Malaysia Dissertation Service Dissertation Consulting. Bloomington: iUniverse, 2010.